The commission process is an integral part of my work as an Artist. The client is always my number one priority and I like to include them as much as possible throughout the whole process. 

I am privileged to be working with horses and their owners, and when I’m asked to paint their animal it’s a real thrill and I treat each client with utmost respect and find out what it is they are exactly trying to portray with their piece. 

Where possible I like to call out to see the animal in person, and I travel overseas also (subject to terms) when a client has particular scenes they would like to capture within their portrait, sometimes a camera doesn’t get the real feeling of atmosphere, so I like to go where possible and do sketches and colour studies. This means that the end result brings more of me and what I feel into the painting.

I can when necessary work from good high quality photos of horses jumping the last at a certain racetrack or scene of your selection. All avenues will be explored so that I can give my client the best possible painting.

Please call me where I would be more than happy to go through the process in finer detail.